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Playing with JavaScript

Ah focus week, that most magical of times when we are allowed a full night's sleep, and spend our days exploring new material, without so much as a thought as to where we might apply this new quasi-skills. This week's area of focus? JavaScript, and all of it's nuances.

Now I kid JavaScript, I both enjoy using it, and understand its importance in the web today, but trying to cram in useful information about it into only a week has been a little frustrating. Part of the problem is there are so many different ways to use JS, I'm not really sure where to focus. Node seems very intriguing, and I'd like to try working with it in the future. However given all of the work we have to cover, I don't see a point at which I'll be able to really dig into it.

Last week marked the end of our as the end of our dinner dash project. Dinner dash was a great experience. This was the first time I built a rails app using a philosophy of testing, as well as making sure the logical pieces of the application were in the right place. I also enjoyed the team aspect of building the project. My biggest takeaway from the project was the importance of good communication in building good software. Building larger code bases, is, at its core, a human experience. No one person has the time to handle all of the work, so it's important to actively communicate with the group as the project is ongoing.

Last week was also our second code retreat. We visited an company here in Denver, iTriage, which has an awesome office in the downtown area. Although I was fully exhausted from the week, the retreat was still a great experience, as I got to speak with a few former gSchoolers about their impressions of the hiring process.

All told, we're 11 weeks in with 13 to go. Thanksgiving is next week…maybe I'll have a moment to build something with Node.js after all…